Loyola Park Open Space in Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo – Taking Care of the Land

The City of Mission Viejo was carved from a portion of the sprawling Rancho Mission Viejo owned by the O’Neill family. The family took pride in their land, and much care and thought was given to the development. Thousands of acres have been dedicated as open space and parks to maintain the character and feel of the old rancho.

The east edge of Mission Viejo overlooks the Arroyo Trabuco. Oso Creek and Aliso Creek and other tributaries flow through the city, parks and open space growing up around each. Wilderness Glen Park, which marks a historic ranch road and is replete with oaks and sycamore trees, follows Aliso Creek Road for a few blocks.

This generous amount of open space keeps intact the history of Southern California and its real treasures, right here for all to share, in the heart of Mission Viejo and the rest of Rancho Mission Viejo. I am very grateful for the guiding principle of Marguerite “Daisy” O’Neill that allows me to enjoy her land today: “Take care of the land, and it will take care of you.”

Spring in Mission Viejo