Marsala Park in Mission Viejo South

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Mission Viejo South has several small parks with few or no amenities other than lawn and open space. I still think that some of these smaller parks are worthwhile, especially since they serve the neighborhood and allow folks a space to relax, have a small get-together or a game of catch.

Ganiza Park, Delemos Park and Barbadanes Park

All three of these parks are located very near each other in the same neighborhood of Galicia and Cortez Homes and the nearby J.M. Peters Homes. Barbadanes is the largest of the three, having a playground and field, seating and a basketball court. The other two are small parks at the end of a cul-de-sac.

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Coronado Park

Coronado Park is a good sized park with great play equipment, grassy lawns, benches and BBQ. Access points from many points of the neighborhood. Located in the Coronado Homes tract.

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La Mancha Park and Marsala Park

La Mancha Park is mainly a large grassy field where you can jog, walk, or play a game. Marsala Park is off Marsala Way in the Califia neighborhood and overlooks the Arroyo Trabuco; it is mainly just lawn, trees and a bench. And the view!