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Mission Viejo South is home to many popular parks. Its east edge overlooks the Arroyo Trabuco where many ball fields have been built as well as the popular La Paws Dog Park and the Sergeant Matt Davis Memorial Park. Here you can also find the Sierra Recreation Center and the Montanoso Recreation Center. The lovely Sergeant Matt Davis Memorial Park is featured on the In Focus Page.

Granada Park, Cordova Park and Madrid Fore Park

Granada Park features a playground with seating plus great lawns for play and games. Madrid Fore Park also features a playground, benches and swings and a large lawn area. Cordova Park has play equipment, too, plus a long grassy swath of trees and park and wandering sidewalks through the neighborhood.

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Linda Vista Park

Open, good size park with play equipment, seating area, meandering walks and lots of grassy lawn for play. Near elementary school and easily accessible. The La Paz Homes are near Linda Vista Park.

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Parks in Mission Viejo South