Character of Mission Viejo

Character in Mission Viejo Character Garden near Oso Creek Trail

In 2003, the City Council adopted a resolution establishing Mission Viejo as a City of Character. It then approved the following mission statement: “To create a positive environment in our community by using a framework that builds good character values and assets, thereby making Mission Viejo a stronger, healthier and safer community.” A committee was then formed to grow and promote this idea. This innovative program has since received national acclaim and recognition.

At the intersection of La Paz and Marguerite, there is a monument that advertises news and info about the city. It also promotes this Character concept. The digital monument displays the defined character trait of the month. These include unity, perseverance, respect and fairness. You can find out more about the city’s program right here.

Character Garden

At the Oso Creek Trail Head off Marguerite near Estanciero, there is a Character Garden. It is dedicated to the character concept and its promotion.